Ponta de Piedade

When people in Lagos talk about Ponta de Piedade, they’re referring to this exact location. Of course, the whole peninsula that juts out away from the city is the point. It can be confusing to some. Other awesome photo spots in the area like the Lagos viewpoint and Praia do Camilo are also right here on the point.

But, if you plug this location into Google maps, it will take you right to the end where there’s a lighthouse, and a wild little cove. This is Ponta de Piedade.

Time of Day?

This is a bit of a tricky spot. If you come at sunrise you can sometimes fight with heavy back light. But, if you come at sunset there’s usually a lot of other people around; even in the off-season.

Personally, I think it depends. If you’re photographing the overview, come at sunrise. If you’re photographing the pillars, come at sunset (and low tide).

Camera Gear?

You’re almost definitely going to be really wide here. If you are aiming to photograph the pillars and arches from down in the cove, you’ll need to get wide.

And even if you’re up photographing the view, you’ll need the width. It’d say ideally a 15-35mm or similar. 24-70mm would also likely work.


Like most of Portugal, this area is on the honour system. Just behave. Don’t destroy nature, leave garbage, and be safe.

There are no fees for entry, and there’s never anyone policing anything.

I would say, though, just be careful on the rocks. They’re very slick.

Photos of Ponta de Piedade

I’ve come to this location a half a dozen times. Each of those times I’ve struggled to make the photo I thought I wanted. But, each time I’ve also walked away with a photo that I like. It’s just one of those places.

Also, despite my many visits, I’ve never made the photo that I really want. I think that if you come during really wild weather and a very high tide, you might be able to get waves crashing over the cement barrier at the water level. We’ll see if that ever happens for me.

But for now, these are the 5 images I’ve made at Ponta de Piedade.

The Sea Stacks

I’m not sure if maybe the sea stacks are a distraction to me at Ponta de Piedade, but whenever I come here I become obsessed with trying to photograph them. I’ve never really found a way to do it that I like. And, it’s a bit of a challenge in general.

To get photos like the one below, you actually need to get down onto the rocks. I made this photo by climbing down, then through the tunnel to the left of the boat launch, and found this spot. But, be really careful, the rocks are sharp and slippery. Water shoes are highly recommended.

The photo data on this image is f/11, 1.3 seconds, iso100, at 15mm. I used a 4-stop medium grad ND filter as well.

Hole in the Wall

This image came out of the fact that there was just such beautiful light hitting the wall of the cove. In fact, I was in the water photographing the above image when I spotted this photo. And, honestly, I much prefer this one.

Again, for this photo you need to get down off the cement boat launch and stand in the water. The image data is f/11, 1.3 seconds, iso 400, at 15mm.

Ponta de Piedade Viewpoint

This is one of my favourite places for a vista photo anywhere in The Algarve. It’s such a cool spot, and regardless what the light does, there’s always a photograph.

To get here, you’ll have to be very careful. It’s off on a little trail up one of the cliffside hills.

As you walk down the steps to the cove at Ponta de Piedade, you’ll see a trail that veers off to the left and up the hill. The top of this hill is where this photo was taken. The image data is f/16, 15 seconds, iso 100, at 15mm.

Epic Selfie Spot

On my way out of Ponta de Piedade one day I stopped to see if I could make a bit of an Instagram shot (follow us here) . I’m glad I did. Even though the light isn’t epic, the location and the mood is. It’s a bit of a classic shot for “the gram” if you ask me.

There’s nothing too special about the photograph or how I made it. In fact, walking down the steps to the cove you’ll see this spot. I mean, you’ll likely even see other people standing here getting their own photo taken if there are tourists around.

The image was taken at f/8, 1/25 seconds, iso 400, at 21mm.

Getting to Ponta de Piedade

If you’re in Lagos, you can either walk or drive here.

If you’re driving, there is a parking lot at the lighthouse. Then, it’s just a quick 5-10 minute walk (with lots of steps) to get down to the cove. But do note that in the high season the parking lot will likely be packed in the afternoon. In fact, the whole road leading down towards the end of Ponta de Piedade will be packed. You can generally still find somewhere to park. You just might need to walk a little bit farther.

From the old town of Lagos, it’s about a 30 minute walk to get out to the end of the point. The walk is mostly along the road. If you’re coming from the north, though, there’s a beautiful boardwalk. So, if you have time to explore it might be worth taking the long way.

Where to Stay Near Ponta de Piedade

Basically, you’re in Lagos. So there are lots of options.


Cascade Wellness resort is right on Ponta de Piedade in a beautiful location. They have villas.

Carvi Beach Resort is also fairly close by.

Hostels and Guesthouses

Cloud 9 hostel is right in the middle of Old Town, and right across from our gallery!

Of course, there’s lots on AirBnb.


For camping, head to Trinidade. It’s basically right in the middle of Old Town and Ponta de Piedade. It might have the best location of any of the accommodation in Lagos.

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