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Brazil – Eagle Monte Carmelo



Processing: Natural

Altitude: 800-1,350 m.a.s.l.

Varietal: Mundo Novo, Catuaí

Tasting Notes: Nutty with notes of rich chocolate, dried fruit and sugar cane.

100% arabica beans.


About the beans:

One of our go-to filter coffees and the preferred roast of our cold brew recipe, the Monte Carmelo beans are made up from 3 producers:

  1. Rio Brilhante Café Farm: 1,622 hectares run by the 67 year old Inácio Carlos Urban.
  2. Retiro Farm: Run by Amélia Maria da Silva with 15 hectares of cultivated area at 1,155 m.a.s.l. altitude.
  3. The Esmeril Ipanema Farm run by the 69 years old, Antônio Custódio Faria with 78 hectares.

In the grand scheme of things, coffee is a fairly new product to the Cerrado Mineiro.  It was first produced in the 1970s by farmers who moved into the region from both Sao Paulo and Parana.  A technique called liming and irrigation make the large scale production of coffee beans in the area possible.

There is, however, quite a dry climate in Cerrado Mineiro during the harvest season, which allows the coffee a much more consistant drying process.

Our beans at The Coffee Studio are roasted by Al-Gharb Coffee Roasters.

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