Delivery of “Coffee Care Packages” Now Available

With lockdown in full effect, we’ve been thinking of different ways to reach those of you who may be looking for a specialty coffee fix. In the end, we’ve decided to recycle an idea many parents lean into when their kids go away to school: care packages.

We thought, “how can we get all the luxury comforts of our specialty coffee to you in your homes?”

The answer is a gift-bag style grab bag of specialty coffee products.

Our “Coffee Care Packages” are now available to anyone in the Lagos, Portugal area!

What’s in the Care Package?

We wanted to give a bit of a mix of some of the things we sell at The Coffee Studio, and do it in a way that allows you to customize it for your preferences. So, this is what’s included:

  • 250g of Al-Gharb Coffee Beans
  • 1 Reusable “Coffee Studio” Glass Takeaway Bottle
  • 450ml of Cold Brew Coffee
    • It would be rude to send you a takeaway bottle without filling it with our in-house cold brew. Our cold brew is made with beans from Brazil and has a nutty tasting tone that makes it an absolute treat. We think it’s best served with a dash of Almond or Hazelnut milk.
    • Our cold brew is a slight concentrate, so with a touch of water added it actually makes about 550ml of cold brew coffee.
    • This bottle also entitles you to discounts on re-fills of cold brews and iced coffees once we open after lockdown.
  • 40g Specialty Chocolate from Nau do Cacau
    • Included is also a 40g specialty chocolate bar from “Nau do Cacau”. The bars are vegan and absolutely delicious.
    • You have your choice of Algarvian Flor do Sal or Colombian Coffee flavour.
  • 50g of Specialty Tea
    • You’ll also get 50g of loose leaf specialty tea!
    • The flavour options are:
      • Algarvio (Chamomile)
      • Chocolatea (Black)
      • Morongos & Champagne (Green)
      • Elegante (Black Pu erh)
  • 2 Homemade Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins
    • Made in-house, our chocolate chip banana muffins are to die for.
  • Filled Loyalty Card
    • Like many coffee shops, we have a loyalty card program. We’ll send you a filled card so you can get a free specialty coffee when we open.

How it Works

Obviously, this is only available to people in the Lagos area. We can deliver to anywhere in the immediate area. If you’re unsure if we can get to you, send us a message.

Once you make your order, we’ll have your care package to you within 24 hours.

To order, simply click on the item below and make your preferred selections.

Cold Brew Delivery Available!

Also, if you’re interested in just our cold brew, that’s also available.

Our cold brew take away bottles are 450ml.

During the lockdown, we can send you a bottle filled with cold brew. Once lockdown is over, refills in that bottle will entitle you to discounts on both cold brew and iced drinks in house.

We’ll also send you a filled loyalty card so that once we open you can come in and pick up a coffee on the house!

To order, choose the item below. Cold brew orders will be filled within 24 hours – usually much less.

Coffee Bean Delivery

We’re also delivering our coffee beans right now!

We can grind them however you like your beans ground, or we can send them to you whole bean for you to grind at home. Currently, we have beans from Peru, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Honduras, Guatemala, and a decaf from Colombia.

The beans come in 250g bags.

We’re Open as Soon as Lockdown Ends

We are ready to go here at The Coffee Studio.

As soon as lockdown is over we’ll be open. We’re obviously hoping that’s sooner rather than later. We’ll keep you in the loop via our Facebook page.

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