Brownies and Beans (or tea) Pack


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Available for pick up or delivery in Lagos (or Luz) we’re offering 2 of our Toasted Marshmallow Brownies and either a 250g bag of coffee beans, or 150g of loose-leaf Portuguese tea!

Order here, or send us an email or WhatsApp message.

Pick up any time between 9am and 6pm.  Deliveries will be made within 24 hours.

Choose your Coffee or Tea

Ethiopia Coffee, Guatemala Coffee, Honduras Coffee, Peru Coffee, Brazil Coffee, Papua New Guinea Coffee, Colombia Coffee (decaf), Black 'Chocolatea', Green (with strawberry), Pu-erh, Red Fruit (caffeine free), Chamomile (caffeine free)

Coffee Grind Type

Espresso, French Press, Aeropress, V60, Filter, Tea, please


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